The Sun: Looking for New Shoots


The Sun: Tarot of the Vampyres; Tarot Mucha; Mystical Cats Tarot

The Sun is the urge towards living fully and consciously. With this consciousness comes the signs of the maturing of our current writing cycle, and we are greeted with the young shoots of the fruition of our plans.

Can we believe that the shoots that are pushing through are signs of growth and movement into the future? Perhaps we have not yet made peace with our fears of failure, or other parts of our shadow self. This will form a barrier between us, blocking our route to step into the vitality and clarity of the Sun. If this is the case, then we will need to stay with the energy of the Moon and work with our shadow selves until we gain a better understanding of these fears. There is no rush.

Or perhaps we are doubting the new shoots are even there. Yet have we even taken time to look for them among the weeds of our self doubt?

Last week was a hard writing week. I completed only half of the pages I had set as my goal for the week. And every one of those was painful as I covered some distressing terrain. There was travel chaos in my city as a WW2 bomb was uncovered on a building site and then (thankfully) safely detonated. For a couple of days, nobody was moving on the roads around where I lived. There were four, five hour delays for journeys of just a few miles. Time and patience had been sucked up through a vortex and replaced with the choking fumes of a city under seige by immobilised traffic. Perhaps I shouldn’t have been surprised that my writing wasn’t moving any where quickly either.

With the bomb safely dealt with, the roads back to normal, and a weekend to replenish energy levels I took a step back from the day to day mechanics of my writing and looked at my progression. The A4 plan for my novel that I wrote is dated 6th March, and in just two and a half months I have written almost six of the thirteen chapters. Some weeks I have not met my writing goals, but for each month I have still managed to exceed my overall targets. Last month I aimed to write four poems to get my poetry vibe up again, and I wrote ten poems plus other fragments.

The ragged weed of a bad week should not be allowed to take our energy or conceal the early growth of the seeds and bulbs we have carefully and consciously planted. Pull those weeds out and get some perspective! Do not let the weeds feed on the ground we have nourished and prepared, do not let the weeds bask in the Sun we have made our pilgrimage towards.

Now’s the time to look for the shoots and enjoy the delicious golden glow. Take the time to lounge, to sun bathe. The Sun brings the energy of clarity and optimism. Delight in the new growth. Take the day off, before the journey moves onward.


Every heart sings a song, incomplete, until another heart whispers back...

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