The Moon ~ A View from the Bridge


The Moon: Mystcial Cats Tarot; Morgan Greer Tarot; Tarot of the Vampyres

The Moon and its focus on the subconscious makes sure that we don’t miss our shadow shelves on this journey we’re taking.

And who is my shadow self?

I am secretive. I write to try and keep myself accountable, grounded. I write to keep my thoughts and body connected, so I don’t lose my tether to the material world and spin out into fantasy. Secretive can so easily slip into sneaky and self deceptive.

I am learning to trust dreams as the truth. When I think ‘should I be spending so much time writing without any signs yet of outward success?’, I remember that this writing life was a dream, a wish planted in me a long time ago, and that it was planted for a reason, even when that reason is obscured from me. The Moon asks us to remember the call of The Star, but reminds us that our destiny and purpose does not just exist outside of us: our purpose is anchored and rooted to something deep within us too.

This moonscape is as vast and fathomless as our subsconscious, and its sheer size can bring about panic as it reminds us of our comparatively tiny size. Panic can play us into the hands of our darkest fears, leading us from love to terror. The danger feels real. What if we are lost in the realms of our mind forever, always doomed never to bring forth anything more than the merest thimble full that we could gather? It is okay. Thimble by thimble we will gather what we need from the enormous ocean of our subconscious mind. And while we undertake this task, day after day, let us also remember that the Moon reflects the light of the Sun. Keeping our eyes fixed upon this light when all else around us is darkness will ensure we don’t get lost within our own night sky.

As I travel with the energy of the Moon into my own subsconscious, I clutch at my writing goals like a precious compass grasped inside my palm. Things can look strange by the light of the moon, but when the moonlight is shining within me, I may not look any different to the casual observer. Yet how I look at myself, how I am relating my writing to the rest of my life’s journey is changing. This subtle illumination is the key I have been looking for in my writing life. It is the key to the bridge which stretches between my inner and outer self. From this vantage point I can view my subconscious by the light of the conscious mind, just as the Moon reflects light from the Sun.


Every heart sings a song, incomplete, until another heart whispers back...

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