The Star: Honouring Our Lost Parts

img_8874The Star: Tarot Mucha and Tarot of the Vampyres

With the Star we continue with the outpouring of grace.

The fire of the Tower has left us open to receive this grace as the truth, and so we receive the answers to the questions that have been holding us back from moving forward with our writing projects. This truth, these answers brings us the mental calm we have been craving with the roiling turmoil of the last few cards. We are now filled with the energy to move forward with our projects, and a renewed sense of trust that we are indeed moving towards our goals, which are likely to have have been adjusted and tweaked with the new clarity of thought that the Star brings.

A third of the way into writing this first draft of my novel, I have been taught that outward goals of word counts and the number of writing sessions I manage a week are important, but they are not enough. I am writing for the deep sense of satisfaction that writing gives me: writing is my Star because of what it teaches me, not just because of what I can teach others through my writing. I ask that I feel the joy of writing as a way of connecting to Spirit through the flow of grace through my mind and through my pen.

The Star is the star of our destinies, that which gives a sense of meaning, purpose and inspiration to our writing lives. It now becomes clear that the mental blocks and struggles of our writing project have been part of a journey of larger spiritual significance. Following the mental clarity of the Star’s energy will give a sense of finally honouring a lost part of who we truly are.


Every heart sings a song, incomplete, until another heart whispers back...

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