Abandon the safety of what you know: The Tower


The Tower: Morgan-Greer Tarot

It is time to meet the energy of holy fire, burning away the old structures that no longer house us but entrap us. The brave will welcome the fiery energy of The Tower, the Holy Spirit upon us in lapping tongues of flames, Kali Ma ripping through our lives. The rest of us will be left feeling apprehensive at the sudden change it promises and the loss of the safety blanket of an established routine that will be ripped from the dribble of our napping chins.

Temperance was the fresh flow of grace, spurting forth like a young river: cutting narrow channels in the rocky structures of our minds, our hearts, our lives, so that the water of grace could clear out and tumble through our softer layers. Still, the hard structures were left standing within us.

To move forward in our writing journey, these hard layers of rock can no longer be left standing. The sediment that old habits of thought and practice have left in our minds will not be be moved by the young, fresh flow of grace. It needs the destruction that a holy fire brings.

The Tower demands that to move forward we must evacuate the structure of writing habits which have become counter productive: the writing book that gave us good constructive advice to begin with, but now seems to hem in our creativity; the early morning writing practice that once left us energised but now leaves us too knackered to tackle the rest of our day; the outline that was perfect when we devised it but is now working in counter direction to the flow of our developing prose.

We must be willing to abandon the safety of what we already know. If we have attempted to write a novel before (perhaps on many occasions too) what we already know has only ever lead us to dead ends in our writing process. What we alone know will not be good enough to lead us to completion. In order for our process to be invigorated with the energy that will lead us through the rest of our writing project we must be willing for our old ways to fall and new structures to emerge from the project itself.

I have learnt that there is no wrong or right way to write a novel. But there is a wrong way to write my novel, a wrong way to write your novel: and that is staying attached to any process or routine which does not allow its development to flourish. We will not be allowed to nap our way through to its completion. The fire ripping through the complacent Tower of our comfortable habits will not allow that to happen.




Every heart sings a song, incomplete, until another heart whispers back...

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