Well, what do you think you deserved? ~ Justice


Justice: Tarot Mucha and The New Mythic Tarot

Like most of the Major Arcana so far, there are many ways we could apply Justice to our journey as writers. We could look at how our everyday writing actions are fitting into our long term plans, remembering that every action has an equal and opposite reaction. It could be that it’s time to make an effort to include impartiality in our process, perhaps with the help of a writing group, or by taking time to switch our writers’ hats for our editors’ hats. Maybe it’s even time to take a step and consider if there is any area of our goal setting around our writing which needs an unprejudiced eye cast upon it.

But given that in this sequencing Justice follows the Wheel of Fortune, let us consider that the most significant energy of the Justice card is that which resets balance, and then let’s move to apply this to our writing life.

There’s every chance that you weren’t born into the perfect circumstances to become a writer. Perhaps your spelling and grammar were derided in school and all that swirling red pen scribbled over your confidence for years? Or perhaps you were born into a family where writing was never going to be approved as a path to pursue? What has blocked me most as a writer is the balancing act I have tried to pursue between speaking my truth and not wanting to upset anybody, a fear born from how I was parented as a child (love my parents! We’re all doing what we can…) and then developed through my schooling.

We have worked through the first eleven cards of the Major Arcana in our journey as writers now. We have cleared the ground, sought to connect with ourselves, put up supporting structures, fought our demons, sought a relationship with our work based on the light of our soul, and we’ve let the wheel of fortune spin. In ‘Dirty and Divine’, Alice B. Grist writes of Justice as adjusting the circumstances of our birth,  ‘A gentle pulling back to what should be.’ I find these words so healing ~ there were gentle tears when I first read them.

Imagine your writing life as it could have been if you’d have followed the clear path of fate without the heart muddying circumstances that held you in fear or frustration for so long. Hold that dream in your mind’s eye because the work you have done to get this far has reset the clock and recalibrated your heart to point in its true direction. You are now living in circumstances where your writing life can be all that it was ever meant to be: soul connected and tethered to your deepest self; excavating the answers to all the questions you’ve ever needed or will need to ask; juicy, vital the truest expression of who you are. Now. Now is the time that your writing life is meant to be.

Justice brings what, all along, we have deserved.



Every heart sings a song, incomplete, until another heart whispers back...

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