The Soul Knows Why You Are You ~ the Hermit


The Hermit: Tarot Mucha and The New Mythic Tarot

Once we’ve spent time working with our writing fears and struggles, we move into a time of uncovering why the struggles are there. We may have noticed that as we have established a routine of turning up for our writing each day, when we are ready to make the next leap we become bogged down by comparing ourselves with others, who may well be further along the path than we are.

The Hermit’s energy draws us inwards. Comparing ourselves to others may well be part of our journey, but we will only find out how this can fuel our understanding of ourselves by quieting the voices around us.  It is the time in our writing life when we move out of the influence of others, because it can be all too easy to see their special qualities and worthiness as writers whilst being blind to our own.

One of my comparison monsters comes in the form that I am a very nuts and bolts blogger and Instagrammer, and I compare myself to those who have a very shiny machine of a social media presence. Another comparison monster visits because I am forty one and the monster tells me I should already have my first novel written and published, if not the second.

Right now, I am letting the Hermit’s lamp withdraw me from this comparision and into her cave. She does not dismiss my feelings of inadequacy, but instead uses her lamp to let me see the reasons why I am who I am. She does not berate my struggles or tell me to focus only on the positive. She knows that they relate to what my soul is trying to tell me about the lessons I am to learn in my life.

This card doesn’t have a quick moving energy, I would call it a slow burner. As writers it calls us to plan carefully, work diligently and wait patiently. Silence and patience bring forth the fruit of the Hermit. We will learn our lessons at the same pace too. I am still listening and trying to learn what my comparison monsters have to teach me by the light of the soul’s lamp. Time will tell.

As writers, we hope that if we stare for long enough, the soul that was once invisible to us will begin to glow and lead the way. I think the soul, or life purpose, is like the Hermit’s lamp, for even once we are in connection with it, it so often only throws out enough light to show us the next step. Thankfully, today that’s all I need.





2 thoughts on “The Soul Knows Why You Are You ~ the Hermit

  1. How very marvelous all of this. Putting those bitchy monsters to the mat makes them shrink a little. I catch the voices that want to compare or should me and I let them know they are not welcome. Absolutely, it happens as slowly as it happens. Only when you accept where you are can you then move on. As for shiny regular posters, for me the promise to myself to post my blog thrice weekly has made me a better writer. And my commitment to myself to post on IG daily has made me a better photographer. The non-negotiable agreement with myself has increased my trust of me. Yes it’s a plus if you like it, and to make connections, but it is still primarily for me.
    I really like your thoughts always.

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