Becoming Whole ~ The Lovers


The Lovers: Mystical Cats Tarot, Tarot of the Vampyres, El Tarot de Los Cuentos de Hadas

There is an an attractive force that draws two entities together in relationship. A longing to open the heart’s secrets. As writers, we can hope to see what we write about through the eyes of love, and then we can hope that the reader uses our words to see through this lens of love too. When we write we can long to be heard. We can long for intimacy, and openness with our readers. We can promise to open up to them the depths of our heart.

But before we can have a relationship with our readers, there is another relationship we must begin ~ a relationship with our writing project. Writing is a channel for our passion and our drive. When we embark on that love affair with our first big writing project we are Eve in the Garden of Eden, biting into the apple. Now we are eating the fruit and we have moved beyond the fantasy of what it might be like to be a writer. We have moved from the fantasy into reality, and alongside the potential for connection and mutual infatuation, there is also all of the negotiation and disappointment that might bring.

The Lovers is a card of deep connection, and it also a card of choice. We need to choose our projects as carefully as choosing a lover, for we will pour our heart, our life and our passion into them in the same way. It is the choice of where we place our priorities and values. Consider that the choice of our writing project contributes to the soul’s growth.

The novel I am writing now is semi-autobiographical. It is a coming of age book. It is the book that I have been circling around writing for the past ten years. Aptly there is an element of unrequited love within the story line and that’s where I feel like I have been with this project – idealising it and not moving into the gloriously messy, passionate and soul changing relationship it promises to me.

It’s true that in writing it I have the need to share my story and be understood. But more than that, in the moment of creation it is a place to pour out my love and drive and passion, and to be changed by knowing myself more deeply, just by turning up at the page everyday. That is what being in a relationship is all about.

If we make the right choice in our writing project, it is a place to move towards becoming whole.





One thought on “Becoming Whole ~ The Lovers

  1. Beautiful! I love seeing your cards in the photos… between the cats and the vampires, this makes me so happy. And I agree- there is an element of seduction even in writing. The story draws you in as the writer, and then you draw in the reader. It’s so exciting to see this novel coming along… I can’t wait to see the next tarot post as well. Go Claire!

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