The Priest Inside ~ The Hierophant

“The most common way we give up our power is by thinking that we don’t have any” ~ Alice Walker


We have looked at how the energy of the Emperor, the previous card, guides us towards the structure of our behaviour and its place within a larger community or society. But the energy of the Hierophant (or Priest) is that of our right behaviour before the Divine.

How does your spirituality inform your writing? What is the philosophy that informs what it means for you to be a writer? We can find the authority to answer this question within ourselves, but this is a journey. It is not unusual to look outwards for this authority first. There is a moment in our development when we need these spiritual and philosophical figures as our guides.

Part of my own development in forming my writing philosophy is that I’ve read a heck of a lot of books about writing ~ my favourites being those ones by Julia Cameron, Natalie Goldberg and Anne Lamott. I have observed their rites of morning pages, free writing, and taking each writing project ‘bird by bird’.I am grateful for the parts of their life that each of these women offer in service to other writers. They each write from the place as ‘wounded healer’, having survived their own struggles to write and create.

But when do the tools, or rites, that they suggest to help our development as writers, become unhelpful? When in our minds the practice of the tools become solidified into a kind of dogma. It doesn’t even have to be the tools that other people suggest for us. It can be the writing goals and practices that, when we first set them for ourselves, were once immensely helpful. But now these practices, such as being rigid over our daily journalling project, blogging schedule or the amount of novel writing sessions we fit into a week, seem to be keeping us in place and stopping from making the next leap of our development.

These practices then seem like they’re holding us back because they are. We have taken guidelines and goals which once motivated us and solidified them into life sucking dogma. Reject the dogma and go back to the inner wisdom. You are ready to reject the outward authority of these rules and become more autonomous. Adopt new practices which seem right for your writing practice now, ones which help you move towards new goals and which utilise the skills you’ve developed in all your dogged persistence to the old ways. It is not enough to stick with the energy of the Emperor and keep to one set of writing rules for life. The Hierophant demands to know the ‘why’ of our rules and how they fit into the bigger picture.


The Priest: Mystical Cats Tarot

As writers we can be priests willing to dedicate our lives to this writing practice. Thankfully, unlike the subterranean, wordless place of the High Priestess, the Hierophant’s world can be elucidated by our minds. We will never get outward permission to fully explore our creativity. We’ve got to gift that to ourselves. Let’s not give over our autonomy as writers to any set of rules, whether formed by an outward authority or by our own minds. Let’s give ourselves permission to be the bridge between divine wisdom and the page.

Honour the priest inside.






4 thoughts on “The Priest Inside ~ The Hierophant

  1. Gorgeous. We picked these rituals because they helped us to write. But I think we need to stay ahead of the critic. I find that getting into a rut means that I need to try a different angle, write with music or write without it if that was the rut. By hand instead of on the computer or the reverse. Sit somewhere else. Change means flow. How funny that I cling to the familiar and expect to get new results. This is so helpful. Thank you thank you. I can’t wait for the next post!

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    • Whoop whoop! You’ve got me even more fired up for writing these ~ and if you knew how fired up I was before you’d know that was pretty darn fired up! X


  2. So much here. I got the shades of what I was talking about today, letting go of what doesn’t work for you anymore. But I am unfamiliar with the actual word hierophant, He is the religious/spiritual interpreter. I like the concept of the intertwining the spiritual to the writing. Has tweaked my interest. And, wound healers are us, Apparently I have some reading to catch up on. Back to writing now.

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    • Hierophant is not usually in my vocabulary either, Shalagh ~ I just let the archetype speak to me where I’m at. I’ve always learnt more about writing from those who struggle with it, the wounded healers. They are my teachers, my spiritual guides ~ they’ve helped me to become my own best guide too.

      Hope your writing was fruitful! xxx

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