Balance and Wisdom ~ The High Priestess 

img_8350The High Priestess: Mucha Tarot and The New Mythic Tarot

Today my morning yoga practice was painful. The theme was lightness and ease, but looking inside I just couldn’t find either. All I had was a mind and body moving through tar. Just like the High Priestess, patron of our intuition and the depths of our inner lives, I found myself between columns of darkness and light.

It’s been a quiet Saturday. After weeks of only managing a couple of hours sleep at at a time, I’m back on the supplements that help my erratic sleep pattern. I actually slept until 7.45am ~ but instead of feeling the relief of finally getting some sleep I’ve felt myself sinking down further in mood as the mask of the work week slipped away. Trying to journal my way through my mood I was left with an exhausted introspection ~ my nose up against that column of darkness. But I could not see into it at all.

Wisdom lies between extremes. Persephone spent only three months of the year with Hades, all the rest were spent in the light. Today I am too much towards the darkness to be wise. And perhaps that is a type of wisdom in itself.


4 thoughts on “Balance and Wisdom ~ The High Priestess 

  1. This line! “Today I am too much towards the darkness to be wise. And perhaps that is a type of wisdom in itself.” Yes yes yes. It sounds painful and heavy, but your sharing it is such a gift. I feel so inspired reading this. Keep going! This is beautiful. I am open to seeing your darkness. you are so brave to share it. Thank you thank you.

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    • When I wrote this on Saturday I really was in that darkness, but I’m glad I waded through it and found some words. I truly believe I was in the pre-verbal High Priestess space, and that I’ll know it for what it is next time I’m there.

      And you are so very welcome. All the thankyous for reading X


  2. Lovely Claire, my wise, strong, brave, wonderful friend,

    My heart goes out to you. A very tender heart.

    I know them so well, these columns of light and darkness. The mask of a work week slipping away. I know that, too. And that experience which you describe so brilliantly: “my nose up against that column of darkness. But I could not see into it at all.”

    There are times when there’s no ease and lightness. There are dark times. And yes, there is wisdom in them. Not of the bright sort, the yeah-now-I-know-how-it-works kind of wisdom. It is more like the heavy sort. The there’s-no-apt-words-for-it sort. Dark tar. Yes. That’s what it’s like: I can’t see although I’m so close.

    What I’m learning is to stay with that tar. That’s not the same as sinking into it and never coming out. But to stay, to recognise it for what it is. What it feels like. At the same time staying with my self. I am not the tar, I am here, with my nose against it. Remembering that I’ve been here before. That it will pass. That it is a part of life. Darkness is a part of life. And yes, there is wisdom in it.

    I’m learning to stop struggling. Struggling makes me sink deeper into the tar. I’m learning to stay, to be still, to see, to acknowledge. To be kind to my self in this darkness. I may rest, for now, and nurture myself. Rest. Not do anything.

    Slowly, very slowly I’m learning to trust. That the light is still there. That I will be with it again. That the darkness, as much as it feels like right now, is NOT the only place. That in the end, there is much more light than darkness.

    My heart is reaching out to you, tenderly. Sending you light.

    Eva xx

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    • Wow ~ Eva, your beautiful response is a blog post in itself. It touches my heart that you spent this time to so carefully respond. Let’s keep floating in that tar without struggle and hopefully each day we will rise closer to the stars. Thanks for all the love and light, beautiful soul, which I hope for you too in return xxx


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