Robert Mapplethorpe was a Magician ~ The Magician 

Patti Smith said that, when they lived together, Robert Mapplethorpe had  no time for her bouts of introspection. He never questioned his artistic drive. For him it was all about the work. He said ‘I stand naked when I draw. God holds my hand and we sing together.’

The Magician knows that our true work is to link the divine to the material world. If we know God holds our hands as we write or create ~ then there is no room to question the whys of creation. We create because we are the bridge between the seen and the unseen. And if we do not try to produce something material from the inspiration we are gifted with, then we have brought forth nothing of the divine into our world.


The Magician: Mucha Tarot, The New Mythic Tarot

So, just like everyday other this week, I go to the coffee shop and get out the plastic green folder that holds the pages of my novel. I sip my coffee and tune in to what might need to be written. My writing is creaky at first but I am patient with myself. The image of a child using balled up coloured tissue to create a fiery eyed angel which horrified her teacher, surprises me and then this energises my writing enough for the words to flow more easily. When I walk out of the door, there are three more handwritten pages in that green folder.

Do the work, the Magician says. Do the work but don’t let go of the hand of God.


5 thoughts on “Robert Mapplethorpe was a Magician ~ The Magician 

  1. This is so good. I love that it’s a green folder. And I love that you go to the coffeeshop. I think I’m going to go to my own coffeeshop today… you are inspiring me with this series.

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    • Green folder, white A4 paper with green lines, pink and green revision cards for the scenes. Green for the heart chakra. Green for spring blogging. Hope you get down to that coffee shop today X


Every heart sings a song, incomplete, until another heart whispers back...

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