From the Diary #25 ~The Masks


When your inner life and outer direction grow in new ways, there is likely to come a time when the decisions you make will cause upset in the people around you.  If you’re an empathetic person, this will trigger a panic in you. You might wonder what will happen if you are no longer seen as being gentle, kind or good? You might wonder who you are if other people start to see you differently?

You look around for guidance. The people you’ve upset now surround you. They are wearing masks, masks that you yourself have worn, masks that remind you of the past and who you used to be. You are offered a mask to cover your embarrassment but that time has passed. You need to show the people around you who you are now, who you’ve become. The time for hiding who you ‘really’ are is over.

You have been working out these patterns and challenges for as long as you can remember, but now the momentum has gathered and the changes are happening quickly. You are caught in the shadows of the past: always being the good girl, conformity, letting the crazy makers run rough shod over your life. These shadows cast a darkness over the spark of light that is there to guide you. It is finally time to learn what you need to know.

You have spent your life avoiding conflict, but this has meant giving up your inner peace. But now there isn’t the option of doing nothing because the ground you stand on is a battleground. If you do not wield the sword you will be wounded by the sword. And how long will it take to recover?


So you face the masks around you and declare the next step forward in your life. You override your natural empathy because it is not safe to use here. The people who surround you see your innate compassion as a weakness to be exploited, a means to turn around your opinion in their favour.  No, not this time. You want to do what you are being guided to do, not what looks like the outwardly right thing, and not what will make other people’s lives easier.

You are clearing out your life, starting with your own brain. You are giving yourself a brainwash. You want to live in your own head prioritising your own thoughts, not what somebody else is thinking of your actions.

You want to follow the spark of light that is promising to drive you forward.

It is time to burn the masks and cast out the darkness.



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