From the diary #19 ~ A Word for 2016


Over the past week I have joined in with and her free e-course Find Your Word, to find MY word for 2016.

The idea is to move away from New Year’s Resolutions, which can feel restrictive and like a chore to follow or a rule to break. Instead of a list of resolutions, a single word is chosen to be a guiding principle. This word should feel freeing, expansive and full of opportunity. The word that followed me throughout the process was harmony ~ in some ways I feel like it chose me.

I see harmony as an inner peace and freedom from chaotic thinking; it is singing the song of my creativity; it is the different strands of my life working together. I love how harmony balances the active and the passive ~ passive when it comes to receiving calm, active when it comes to orchestrating the different elements of my life.

So come on January ~ let’s rock this harmony together. 2016 I’m ready to sing your song, and I’ve got an ear for the descant…


4 thoughts on “From the diary #19 ~ A Word for 2016

Every heart sings a song, incomplete, until another heart whispers back...

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