Hundred Word Haibun #2


My lower back has seized up after two nights on an unfamiliar mattress. I am forced to stay in place on my sofa and this gives me the space I need to journal about where I am now.

There is a clear vision about my patterns of work, how I prioritise favours for friends and family or organising my family’s home life, how I prioritise this over my creative life. Up until now this has suited me: short tasks with clear endings and immediate feedback. But something is changing.

Now the familiar
threatens a cracking surface:
time to go deeper.


6 thoughts on “Hundred Word Haibun #2

  1. Oh my goodness Claire, so much said in so few words and that haiku, can totally feel that in my own life. I didn’t know what a halibun was until now and I love love this format. Brilliantastic. xo


    • And I love love the word brilliantastic 🙂 I find using set forms to write is so liberating for the content, which is a little perverse I guess…


  2. I liked this very much. Also, all the things that you do that aren’t writing, are so important. They are what fuels the writing. There is always something there to write, keep digging … because I keep digging you! (The use of the word “dig” actually gives away my age.) Love from Old Man Moskowitz


    • I can get on board with ‘dig’! And you’re so right, when the symphony of life gets pared down to a few lines, the music of our writing is poorer for it. Love x


Every heart sings a song, incomplete, until another heart whispers back...

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