Virtual Poetry Reading #3: Watershed



29 thoughts on “Virtual Poetry Reading #3: Watershed

  1. I do so enjoy your readings. It’s like you’re reading it just to me. I love the explanation – it helps to make everything clearer. It’s hard to watch them grow up. It’s harder to watch them walk away. Great poem.


    • Oooh, I’m glad you could read that in the poem ~ as part of the ‘watershed’, I really wanted to show a change in ‘channel’ between the two verses of the sonnet πŸ™‚


  2. this is calm and peaceful and then there’s the sudden cry of the woman shattering the stillness…grief touches deeply…love the beautiful images of nature and your recitation Claire….


  3. How very wonderful to be able to watch the family of swans as they grow. Like X, there are deer where I live…and I watch them grow as well! I love to see the maturing of the fawns…as I am sure you enjoy following the swans.


  4. This is fantastic, Claire. A knockout.

    We have been going through this with my guy’s daughter and it is so complex and painful and joyful all at once.

    I’m so happy to see you read again- the virtual poetry readings are wonderful.


    • Glad you enjoyed the reading, Caroline! It is such a time of mixed and overflowing emotions ~ I want to capture it all and not fall in to a ‘numbed and not noticing’ mode πŸ’œ


  5. Ouch. The sssss’s show the anger and helplessness under the loss. I love the softening the comparison of swan to son brings. Accompanying seems to come to an end, but I know those protections resonate in a child’s skull in mother’s voice. I believe they do.


  6. That is pretty cool, especially the family of swans because we have a connection there. I have a family of deer I watch off my deck. THey have been as many as 7 and as few as three. This year there are four. Two adult, two kids. They always come back though to gleen from the leavings of our fruit trees.

    Nice use of descriptors and modifiers in this.


  7. Oh my goodness, the impact of this poem is amazing. The swans gliding, the steel sky sleeping, the comprehension that he has died – and then that last stellar line “the fin in this water’s my grief, finding its surface.” Thank you for this poem. It could not be written any better. I am wowed. Completely.


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