Photo Journal #2: 5 Things Making Me Smile (and some photos from the week)

1. I competed my assignment and submitted it with three days to spare. Can I get a whoop whoop?


2. The sun is shining and I have enjoyed breakfast in my garden for two days in a row (no mean feat with the usual British summer climate).


3. I have started Andrea Scher’s Elevating the Ordinary class, and I’m looking forward to an inspiration boost for my picture storytelling.


4. My Instagram account! An absolute lifesaver during assignment season, as just a little spurt of creativity and sharing goes along way when it feels like my mind is chained to the laptop and its word count.


5. List making is definitely making me smile at the moment. Writing down all of the delicious summer projects that us teachers seem to live for. It has been on my mind for a while that I would like to get some photo albums made from all the digital family photos we’ve taken over the past decade. Perhaps it’s finally time?


and a Bonus… tomorrow is Midweek Motif over at Poets United.  I am looking forward to posting a new poem, having missed last week..



13 thoughts on “Photo Journal #2: 5 Things Making Me Smile (and some photos from the week)

  1. I love your photos and your words Claire, you capture light and the moments so well as well as telling a story. And woop woop!!!! for finishing all your work! Looking forward to more photos and words.


    • Aww thanks Dal. I love the Amaro filter on Instagram as I think it finds and highlights the light captured and adds a dreamy, nostalgic feel that I love capturing memories with 💜


  2. Woop Woop to you!!! Hurray!!! Breakfast outside, that sounds really great, right now too hot for me here to go outside even in the morning have to wait till after the summer. Lovely post enjoyed you pics too. Looking up Elevating the Ordinary, thanks for the info.


  3. Whoop whoop to you! : ) How lovely is this weather? Seems such a waste to be indoors when you can guarantee we’ll be back to grey skies and low 20s before you know it…!

    Love the photos – something almost nostalgic in the way you’ve captured the light.


    • Soooo lovely, and I’m working from home at the moment so I feel extra blessed (can’t believe THAT didn’t make my list of smiles!) Thanks for the photo love – I kind of like them dreamy looking 🙂


  4. Thanks, Caroline – Susannah and Andrea had photo courses running at the same time, but I decided to go for Andrea’s to push me out of my comfort zone.


  5. Also- gorgeous images in this post! I love the angle in the church one and seeing the beautiful sky. Will we get a poetry reading of the poem you post at Poets United? Do let us know how Andrea’s course is… I have been curious about her work.


  6. Whoop Whoop! I am impressed with breakfast outside as well. I know that it’s usually too cold there, but here we rarely get to eat outside in the morning since it’s way too hot! I am enjoying slightly cooler evenings while they last. It appears to be heat wave time here. Come visit if you are chilly. 🙂


  7. So, a Whoop Whoop for you! I to have been enjoying the British weather and breakfasting al fresco. Even if you have to then get on to work it still gives a little holiday vibe to the day, very nice.


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