Virtual Poetry Reading #1: Eighteen Months

Welcome to my first virtual poetry reading!  So this is what I sound like…

Eighteen Months from claireylove on Vimeo.

So – is virtual poetry reading something you could get on board with?  Should I be posting more readings?

I’d love to hear your thoughts about posting poetry videos!  Thanks for watching 🙂

Poets United: Poetry Pantry #256


38 thoughts on “Virtual Poetry Reading #1: Eighteen Months

  1. I enjoyed this very much when I read it on the page. It’s great to hear it, and to see both you and your nice, bookish room in the background. Your delivery was very goo. The only think I could have wished for would have been the occasional smile or lifted eyebrow at appropriate moments — not overdone, of course, but I think for a faintly humorous piece like this your expression could be more mobile. I used to practice in front of a mirror before poetry performances.

    You me think about at least using sound on my blog; it adds so much. (Not sure I’d be game to show the old face nowadays!)


      • And you MAKE me think. (If I have this much trouble with ordinary technology, how on earth would I go with sound etc.? 😦 )

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      • Haha – yes, my delivery was rehearsed, Rosemary. I think my sense of humour may be more deadpan than yours 😉 As for the delivery being very goo, I like to think it meant you feel ‘goo’ey inside lol X
        Thanks for the feedback!


  2. I read the poem first then came back to see and listen to you read. How much more that personal reading gives, those tiny scraps of emotion that come out with the spoken word. Bravo Claire!


  3. I almost didn’t want to post a comment, it was poetically lined up to have 18 thoughts on 18 months, but apparently there is always something that needs straightening out in our wonderful imperfectness. Loved hearing/seeing you!


  4. Great voice. I’d love to read as I listen, though your reading is clear enough. Never had the dental braces, and you make me kinda glad–despite the new space.


  5. Claire, I also had braces rather later in life and it was the absolute worst 18 months of my life! Nothing can prepare one for the ‘discomfort’ of brackets and wires. I felt it would take another 18 months to get it all right and so declared time out. Your words brought back all sorts of memories. I loved your reading!


  6. I’ve done a virtual poetry reading like that, only it wasn’t very good. Except I was doing a poem about one of my cats and was holding the actual cat while I was reading. I think the virtual poetry reading is a great idea, we don’t all live in the big city where we could hold a poetry reading for real. Though I would have liked the written poem on the same page.


  7. Enjoyed your reading, but I suggest that if you share a reading you should also share the written poem. I am much more a visual person as far as poetry goes than an auditory one. And as far as listening to readings, sometimes I am not in the frame of mind to listen or in a setting where it is not possible.


    • Thank you – I love playing with the ambiguity of imagery – is it a story about teeth? Is it a metaphor? I like to not be too sure myself!


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